Note # 13


Dear human being,

Please don’t forget how much you are truly worth. It’s easy to look at the world around you, the hardships, the sadness, the heartbreak and to find yourself thinking that it’s simply the way of the world. Please remember it is not. You are special. You have talents that the world and the people in your life need. You can make someone smile. You can make the world more beautiful. You can help someone feel happy. What a wonderful power we each possess.

Please don’t forget that you are worthwhile. You are worth kindness and patience.  You are worth love and happiness. There will be those who insist that you are not. That believe they are somehow, in unimaginable ways, better then you.  That you can be made to feel less than, but they are wrong. They seek to lift themselves up for selfish reasons and you deserve better, plain and simple.

Don’t forget that mistakes are human. If you find yourself lamenting the past, use your power to bring smiles to others in order to win back your feeling of being worthwhile. Humility and generous kindness can make the worst of us become great.

Don’t forget that I love you. We have never met but I know of your hardships and I love you for making it through them and for your perseverance. I love you for your potential. And I love you simply because you are a human.